Biggs: Music for Organ, Brass and Percussion (DVD-A, ISO)
Biggs: Music for Organ, Brass and Percussion (DVD-A, ISO)

Performer: E. Power Biggs
Conductor: Maurice Peress
DVD Audio
Number of Discs: 1
Format: DVD-A, ISO
Label: Columbia
Size: 2.98 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Gigout: Grand Chorus in Dialogue
02. Dupre: Heroic poem
03. Campra: Rigaudon
04. Widor: Lord, Save Thy People
05. Strauss: Processional Entry
06. Purcell: Antiphonal Voluntary
07. Karg-Elert: Praise the Lord with Drums and Cymbals
08. Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary
09. Karg-Elert: Triumphal March


  1. Could you possibly supply more information, like whether this is decoded from SQ source, and if so, how. Or if it’s from a Q4?

    1. @oxforddickie It’s an old SQ vinyl. How people extract them, I don’t know, unless they have very old but still functional SQ decoders & amplifiers. Presumeably they’d use a software emulator. It’s not as they’d need CD-4 vinyl pick-up cartridges or anything. Then they’d insert four discrete tracks as .wav into Steinberg Wavelab to be able to make a dvd-audio.

  2. The audio is glorious, but it is a pain in the ass converting it to something that will play on my iPhone without losing the chapter markers.

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