Ex Silentio - Mneme (24/96 FLAC)
Ex Silentio – Mneme (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Gherardello da Firenze, Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
Performer: Theodora Baka
Orchestra: Ex Silentio
Conductor: Dimitris Kountouras
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Carpe Diem
Release: 2015
Size: 1.09 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

anon.: Cantigas de Santa Maria
01. No. 77, Da Que Déus Mamou (Attrib. Alfonso X of Castile)
02. No. 10, Rósa das Rósas (Attrib. Alfonso X of Castile)

03. anon.: London Manuscript – No. 89, Saltarello – No. 88, Trotto
04. trad.: Puncha puncha
05. trad.: Lamma bada yatathana
06. trad.: Zonaradikos
07. Firenze: Squarcialupi Codex – No. 52, Dé Poni Amor
08. anon.: London Manuscript – No. 77, Ghaetta
09. Vaqueiras: Aras pot hom
10. trad.: Castle of Astropalia

Recorded: 02-05 January 2014
Recording Venue: Ursuline Convent in Loutra, Tinos, Greece

Ex Silentio play music from the mediterranean countries from medieval times and early renaissance, from traditional sources as well as from art music like the ‘Cantigas de Santa Maria’. With music from different countries around the mediterranean sea, they create a vivid and colourful portrait of that time and culture, mixing dance music, songs and instrumental pieces.

We recorded this CD in 2014 in an abandoned monastery on the small island of Tinos in Greece. The exceptional silence and seclusion of the place helped a lot to create an intensive and mesmerizing album.

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