Ferdinando Carulli - Complete Works for Guitar & Fortepiano (8 CD box set)
Ferdinando Carulli - Complete Works for Guitar & Fortepiano (8 CD box set)

Audio CD
Number of Discs: 8 CD box set
Format: APE, FLAC (tracks)
Label: Brilliant Classics
Size: 1.73 GB
Recovery: +3%
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Disc 1
Gran Duo in E minor op.86
01. Allegro
02. Largo
03. Allegro

Trois Petis Duos op.92 Number One in C major
04. Moderato Assai
05. Rondo poco allegretto

Number Two in G major
06. Andante sostenuto con variazioni
07. Allegretto

Number Three in D major
08. Largo. Allegretto
09. Allegretto con poco moto

Gran Duo in D major op.70
10. Moderato
11. Largo
12. Allegretto con poco moto. Andante. Allegretto con poco moto

Trois Valzer op.32
13. Valze n.l in G major
14. Valze n.2 in D major
15. Valze n.3 in A major

Disc 2
01. Melange on Rossini’s themes op.236

Deux Nocturnes op. 131
02. First Nocturne in A major

Largo. Allegro. Larghetto. Allegro
03. Second Nocturne in D major

Largo. Allegro. Larghetto. Allegro
Duo in D major op.37
04. Moderato
05. Romanza. Andante sostenuto
06. Presto
07. Poco allegretto

Trois Sonatines op. 196b
Sonatine n.l in F major
08. Larghetto espressivo
09. Allegretto

Sonatine n.2 in C major
10. Larghetto
11. Allegretto

Sonatine n.3 in G major
12. Andante sostenuto
13. Allegretto

Disc 3
Duo in C major op.l 1
01. Allegro
02. Larghetto con variazioni
03. Rondeau allegretto
04. Variations de Beethoven in F major op. 169

Nocturne in G major op. 127
05. Largo. Moderato
06. Larghetto con variazioni
07. Moderato

Gran Duo in A major op.45
08. Allegro
09. Adagio 4’19 10. Allegro

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Disc 4
Deux Duos sur des themes de Rossini op.233
First Duo in D major
01. Larghetto con variazioni
02. Allegretto

Second Duo in A major
03. Largo. Andante con variazioni
04. Allegretto

Duo in D major op. 134
05. Larghetto
06. Rondo poco allegretto

Duo in C major op. 135
07. Moderato assai
08. Larghetto sostenuto
09. Allegro

Duo in C major op. 130
10. Larghetto
11. Rondeau andante

Duo in G major op. 151
12. Andantino
13. Rondeau allegretto

Disc 5
Choix de douze ouvertures de Rossini – Part One
01. Cenerentola, ouverture
02. Bianca e Falliero, ouverture
03. L’Italiana in Algeri, ouverture
04. Tancredi, ouverture
05. Otello, ouverture
06. L’Inganno felice, ouverture

Disc 6
Choix de douze ouvertures de Rossini – Part Two
01. Il Barbiere di Siviglia, ouverture
02. La Gazza Ladra, ouverture
03. Semiramide, ouverture
04. Torvaldo e Dorriska, ouverture
05. Edoardo e Cristina, ouverture
06. Armida, ouverture

Disc 7
Duo in A major op. 189 n. 1
01. Largo
02. Allegretto

Duo in G major op. 189 n.2
03. Larghetto l’28
04. Allegretto

Duo in D major op. 189 n.3
05. Andante Maestoso. Andante. Andante Maestoso

Duo in A major op.65
06. Moderato
07. Adagio
08. Allegretto

Notturno in A major op.208
09. Largo
10. Allegretto
11. Ronde in D major

Disc 8
Gran Duo in A major op.63
01. Moderato
02. Romance. Allegro
03. Andante con variazioni
04. Polonese
05. Grande Marche composee sur Agthe in C major op. 161
06. Grande Marche de Ries in D major op. 168
07. Fantasie composee sur differents motifs de Fiorella, musique de Auber in A major

Solo in D major op.207 n.l
08. Allegro
09. Larghetto con variazioni
10. Tempo primo allegro

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Massimo Palumbo – fortepiano, Leopoldo Sarazino – guitar


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