Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Recordings of All Time (100 LP box set, 24 bit / 96 kHz, FLAC)
Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Recordings of All Time (100 LP box set, 24 bit / 96 kHz, FLAC)

Vinyl LP
Number of Discs: 100 LP box set
Format: FLAC (tracks+m3u)
Label: Franklin Mint
Size: 78.1 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Empire 598 Turntable
Bottlehead Seduction Tube Phono Preamp, Bottlehead Foreplay Tube Preamp
M-AUDIO SOLO Interface
GoldWave 5.57 Audio Editor

Tracklist PDF

001. Tchaikovsky, Bizet
002. Dvorak
003. Beethoven, Mendelssohn
004. Mozart
005. Shostakovich, Ravel
006. Bernstein
007. Beethoven
008. Beethoven
009. Rimsky-Korsakov
010. Ravel, Chabrier, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius
011. Schumann
012. Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov
013. Verdi
014. Verdi
015. R. Strauss
016. R. Strauss
017. Liszt, Franck
018, Ravel, Dohnanyi
019. Ives
020. Gershwin
021. Verdi, Leoncavallo, Bellini, Mozart, Charpentier, Mussorgsky
022. Wagner
023. Berlioz, Mussorgsky, Borodin
024. Offenbach, Ravel
025. Sibelius, Rachmaninov
026. Rachmaninov
027. Handel, Haydn
028. Holst
029. Elgar
030. Khachaturian
031. Delibes, Debussy
032. Ravel
033. Beethoven
034. Schubert
035. Bach
036. Vivaldi
037. Brahms
038. Haydn
039. Tchaikovsky
040. Tchaikovsky
041. Dvorak, Mozart
042. Brahms
043. Mozart, Schubert
044. Bizet, Mendelssohn
045. Mozart, Debussy
046. Mussorgsky
047. Wagner
048. Stravinsky
049. Strauss
050. Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Weber, Brahms
051-052. Britten
053. Schubert
054. Schubert
055. Vaughan Williams, Delius, Elgar
056. Sibelius
057. Ravel, Chopin, Grieg
058. Chopin, Saint-Saens, Chabrier
059. Beethoven
060. Mahler
061. Harris, Hindemith
062. Prokofiev
063. Brahms
064. Brahms
065. Franck
066. Grieg
067. Bach
068. Monteverdi
069. Rachmaninov, Prokofiev
070. Brahms
071. Beethoven
072. Beethoven
073. Copland
074. Falla
075. Berlioz
076. Berlioz
077. Brahms
078. Schumann
079. Schumann, Grieg
080. Tchaikovsky
081. Handel
082. Bach
083. Stravinsky
084. Prokofiev
085. Mozart
086. Schubert
087. Beethoven
088. Beethoven
089. Dvorak, Smetana
090. Bartok
091. Beethoven
092. Brahms, Schumann
093. Tchaikovsky
094. Goldmark
095. Brahms
096. Brahms
097. Beethoven
098. Mendelssohn, Chausson, Ravel
099-100. Mahler


    1. My next venture into this collection is going to be “The Franklin Mint Beethoven Symphony Cycle”. Everything is ripped, but it will probably be appearing over time (along with with other titles from the collection too, of course).

      Is this the woodchucker rip? Either way, thanks for creating and uploading this massive post!

        1. hmmm, that comment looks familiar… ;)

          Yes, this *is* the woodchucker rip.

  1. Hi Whatever.
    Great post. Do you have by any chance any informations about ripping equipment used for this huge task ?

    Many thanks !

  2. Thanks, I’ve been wanting to complete this set.
    BTW, what is the woodchucker rip and how does it compare to TheNightOwl’s set?

    1. The woodchucker rips originally appeared on Demonoid a few years ago. They’re what alerted me to the collection.

      From all accounts that I’ve heard from people who have heard both, my rips sound better. But whatever gets extra special thanks for uploading the entire set and all the work that goes along with it.

      But by all means, please compare for yourself.

      1. TheNightOwl, Thanks for the info.
        I’ll download this set but upgrade to yours when they become available.
        I really love these recordings. I have a couple of them on SACD (Solti’s “Orchestral Highlights from The Ring” for instance) and I prefer your Franklin rips over the SACD..

        1. Sorry, I ment Szell’s “Orchestral Highlights from the Ring”

          How embarrasing.

  3. Yes, this is the woodchucker rip. I appreciate the re-up. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks for ripping/posting this in the first place, woodchucker! If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have known about this.

  4. You’re welcome The Night Owl. Yes, I originally posted this set on Demonoid about 3 years ago. I very happy that it is still “alive”.

  5. NightOwl – where are your rips? I am confused. Are they circulating online? You say:

    “From all accounts that I’ve heard from people who have heard both, my rips sound better.”

    How were they able to hear both rips and compare? :) Please let us know where we are able to find your rips of this massive collection. Woodchucker’s sound great to my ears, I’d love to compare!

    1. I haven’t ripped the entire collection, but all of the ones I’ve ripped are here on boxset as well as over at

      1. Thank you! I was just curious how far along your rips were. On you on a schedule or just whenever they come, they come? :)

        1. No, there’s no schedule. When they come, they come.

          However, I will say, the next ones I’m doing are going to be the complete Beethoven Symphony cycle. They’re all ripped, it’s just a matter of getting to them…

  6. I have been listening to these Woodchucker rips this weekend on my big rig and I must say that they sound excellent! Don’t miss out on these, folks.

    Thanks Woodchucker!

  7. Would you be so kind as to see about the 2nd part of LP 81 (Handel – “Messiah”), please? The record can’t move forward (some place in the middle of). I’d be most grateful if you could present a corrected version of – thanks a lot in advance.

  8. Formidable, merveilleux, sublime!
    Merci infiniment Whatever.
    Ce site est superbe, un vrai trésor pour tous les amoureux de belles musiques…

  9. … et merci également à Woodchucker!

    (Thank you soooooooo much Whatever and Woodchucker) :)

  10. I’m listening to Carmen/Bizet and the soung is incredible…
    I’m really impressed by the quality.
    I can’t wait to listen all other treasures.

    Thank you VERYYYYYYYY much, again and again :)

    1. What a fantastic post!
      Thanks a lot for these wonderful recordings.

  11. Thanks for your origianl ripping,Woodchucker :) &
    also thanks for your uploading,Whatever!!!
    and last,TheNightOwl ~~Thanks for your explanations.
    I could know more things about this collection via your conversations.

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