Frederick Fennell Conducts the Music of Leroy Anderson (APE)
Frederick Fennell Conducts the Music of Leroy Anderson (APE)

Composer: Leroy Anderson
Orchestra: Eastman Rochester “Pops” Orchestra
Conductor: Frederick Fennell
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Mercury
Size: 341 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Belle Of The Ball
02. Horse And Buggy
03. The Waltzing Cat
04. Blue Tango
05. Summer Skies
06. Song Of The Bells
07. The Typewriterll
08. The Syncopated Clock
09. The Girl In Satin
10. China Doll
11. Saraband
12. Fiddle Faddle
13. Sleigh Ride
14. Serenata
15. Promenade
16. Chicken Real
17. Phantom Regiment
18. Jazz Legato
19. Jazz Pizzicato
20. Pink Plank Plunk
21. The Bluebells Of Scotland
22. The First Day Of Spring
23. Song Of Jupiter

Leroy Anderson – America’s Genius Composer

Music by Leroy Anderson is a joy to behold. All of his compositions are deceptively simple, but profound in their insight into the subject each one addresses.

For example, the bridge of Serenata could have been written by J. S. Bach, yet is also as warm and loving as any lover’s serenade. And The Typewriter Song musically expresses the furious pressure clearly felt by the harried secretary working at 10:30PM so they can get home tonight. For the orchestra’s musicians Anderson’s music is maddenly difficult to play with the required precision needed for such “simple” music. Performers always find that it is very easy to mess up Anderson’s music.

Composer/conductor John Williams acknowledged Anderson as equally an important composer as Copland and Bernstein saying Anderson’s writing of “the bon-bon” belongs as much to the meal as the entree.

At their heart every Anderson melody refreshes our own hearts with their simple honesty and clarity. How fortunate we are that Anderson’s own heart had such purity that can reach any audience.

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