Historic Russian Archives: Victor Tretiakov Edition (10 CD box set, FLAC)
Historic Russian Archives: Victor Tretiakov Edition (10 CD box set, FLAC)

Performer: Viktor Tretiakov, Mikhael Erokhin, Boris Afanasiev, Nikolai Peiko, Oleg Kagan
Conductor: Vladimir Fedoseyev, Arnold Katz, Yuri Temirkanov, Dmitri Kitaenko
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Number of Discs: 10 CD box set
Format: FLAC (tracks+cue)
Label: Brilliant Classics
Size: 3.24 GB
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CD 01
Boris Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto
State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR, A.Katz

Shostakovich, Violin Concerto No.1 a-moll, op.99
Grand Symphony Orchestra, V.Fedoseyev

CD 02
Brahms, Trio for violin, horn and piano Es-dur, op.40
Schubert, Duet for violin and piano A-dur
Von Gluck, Melody
Prokofiev, 5 Melodies op.35
M. Erokhin, piano. B.Afanasiev, horn

CD 03
N.Peiko, Prelude & Toccata
N.Peiko, piano

D.Shostakovich/Tzyganov, 2 preludes
R.Wagner, Feuille d’album
P. de Sarasate, Zapateado
M.Ravel, Piece en forme d’Habanera
R.Shchedrin, Humoresque
R.Principe, El Campinello
J.Brahms, Hungarian Dance No.7
M. de Falla, Suite on Spanish Folk Songs
F.Chopin, Nocturne e-moll
J.Brahms, Hungarian Dance F-dur
J.Brahms, Hungarian Dance G-dur
J.Brahms, Hungarian Dance d-moll
E.Ysaye, Poeme elegiaque
M.Erokhin, piano

CD 04
Bach, Sonata for violin Solo No.1 g-moll, BWV 1001
Bach, Concerto for two violins and strings d-moll, BWV 1043
Vivaldi, Concerto for two violins & strings G-dur
O.Kagan, violin II

Vivaldi, Violin Concerto a-moll
State Chamber Orchestra

Tartini/Kreisler, Devil’s Trill Sonata
M.Erokhin, piano

CD 05
Mendelssohn, Violin Concerto e-moll op.64
Grand Symphony Orchestra, V.Fedoseyev

Brahms, Violin Concerto D-dur op.77
State Academy Symphony Orchestra of the USSR, Y.Temirkanov

CD 06
Prokofiev, Violin Concerto No.1 D-dur op.19
Shostakovich, Violin Concerto No.2 op.129
USSR State Radio & Television Orchestra, V.Fedoseyev

Messiaen, Theme et variations
M.Erokhin, piano

CD 07
Camille Saint-Saens: Havanaise Op.83
Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, D.Kitaenko

Camille Saint-Saens: Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso Op.28
State Chamber Orchestra

Ludwig van Beethoven: Romance N°1 Sol Major Op.40
State Academy Symphony Orchestra of the USSR, Y.Temirkanov

Ernest Chausson: Poeme, Op.25
Grand Symphony Orchestra of the USSR, V.Fedoseyev

Benjamin Godard: Canzonetta
Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, D.Kitaenko

Fritz Kreisler: Caprice Viennois
Estonian State Symphony Orchestra, N.Jarvi

Fritz Kreisler: Liebesfreud
Fritz Kreisler: liebesleid
Fritz Kreisler: Schon Rosmarin
Nicolo Paganini: La Campanella
M.Erokhin, piano

Nicolo Paganini: Caprice N°17

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CD 08
Paganini, Violin Concerto No.1 D-dur op.6
Estonian State Symphony Orchestra, N.Jarvi

Khatchaturian, Violin Concerto
Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, D.Tulin

CD 09
Tchaikovsky, Meditation
Tchaikovsky, Scherzo
Tchaikovsky, Melodie
Tchaikovsky, Serenade melancolique
Tchaikovsky, Valse-Scherzo
Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto D-dur op.35
USSR State Symphony Orchestra, M.Jansons

CD 10
Shostakovich, Violin Sonata op.134
Prokofiev, Violin Sonata No.2 D-dur op. 94a
Suk, 4 Pieces
M.Erokhin, piano

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  1. Even if I don’t download anything, it is a real learning experience to research some of the artists you have made available. We (or at least me) are not familiar with the performers in the Russian historic archives series. I suspect that I am in for more than a few pleasant surprises. Thanks for making these rare recordings available.

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