Kronos Quartet - Early Music (FLAC)
Kronos Quartet - Early Music (FLAC)

Performer: David Lamb, Kronos Quartet, Joan Jeanrenaud
Composer: Jack Body, John Cage, John Dowland, Hildegard of Bingen
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Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Nonesuch
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# Messe de Nostre Dame, mass for 4 voices Kyrie 1
Composed by Guillaume de Machaut
with Marja Mutru

# Rachell’s Weeping
Composed by Christopher Tye

# Langdans efter Byfans Mats
Composed by David Lamb
with David Lamb

# Lachrimae antiquae, for 5 viols/violins & lute (from “Lachrimae”)
Composed by John Dowland
with Wu Man

# Psalom, for string quartet
Composed by Arvo Part

# Studies (2) on Ancient Greek Scales, for harmonic canon & bass marimba (from “Intrusions”)
Composed by Harry Partch

# Long-Ge, for string quartet
Composed by Jack Body

# Totem Ancestor, for prepared piano
Composed by John Cage

# Messe de Nostre Dame, mass for 4 voices Kyrie 2
Composed by Guillaume de Machaut
with Marja Mutru

# Brudmarsch frå Östa
Composed by Swedish Traditional
with Ola Johansson

# Using the Apostate Tyrant As His Tool
Composed by Kassia

# Synchrony for string quartet (6 other arrangements) No. 2
Composed by Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin)
with Judith Sherman

# String Quartet in Four Parts Quodlibet
Composed by John Cage

# Viderunt omnes, organum for 4 voices
Composed by Perotin

# Messe de Nostre Dame, mass for 4 voices Kyrie 3
Composed by Guillaume de Machaut
with Marja Mutru

# Fantasy for 4 viols in B flat major, Z. 736
Composed by Henry Purcell

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# O virtus Sapientiae, antiphon
Composed by Hildegard of Bingen

# Uleg-Khem
Composed by Tuva Traditional
with Huun-Huur Tu

# In Nomine a 5 (“Farwell my good 1. for ever”)
Composed by Christopher Tye

# Canon in Memoriam Igor Stravinsky, for string quartet Collected Songs Where Every Verse is Filled with Grief
Composed by Alfred Schnittke

# Church Bells Abbey of St. Peter’s of Solesmes, France
Composed by Recorded Sound

01. Kyrie I
02. Rachell’s Weepinge
03. Laengdans efter Byfans Mats
04. Lachrymae Antiquae
05. Psalom
06. Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales: 1)Olympos’ Pentatonic 2)Archytas’ Enharmonic
07. Long-Ge
08. Totem Ancestor
09. Kyrie II
10. Brudmarsch Fra Oesta
11. Using the Apostate Tyrant As His Tool
12. Synchrony No. 2
13. Quodlibet
14. Viderunt Omnes
15. Kyrie III
16. Four Part Fantasia No. 2 (June 11, 1680)
17. O Virtus Sapiente
18. Uleg-Khem
19. Farwell My Good 1. Forever
20. Collected Songs Where Every Verse is Filled with Grief
21. Bells

More Breadth than the Title Implies

As interpreted by the Kronos Quartet, “Early Music” on this CD is not your average antiquarian’s dustbin of 16th-century religious oldies. It is a complex journey through time. Beginning with 16th-century composer de Machaut through Tudor era composers Tye and Dowland, the CD jumps ahead to the early music of 20th-century composers John Cage and Arvo Partch. It then wanders back to 9th-century byzantine liturgical composer Kassia weaving back and forth through history to reveal an impressive musical discussion that both brings new relevancy to the old and brilliantly places modern music in context with the eternal. Listening to this CD is a truly enlightening voyage that reveals all epochs of music as being relevant to each other. This Kronos Quartet recording will appeal to the adventurous music listener who yearns for far more intellectual rigor than traditional classical music.

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  1. These are great to have – I lost the copy I had of the one you posted earlier. I’d love it if you reposted their 25 year set. It’s amazing that you keep on, skating through all the ups and downs of the fileservers. Thanks a million.

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