Mann: Lord - Boom of the Tingling Strings, Disguises (WAVPack)
Mann: Lord – Boom of the Tingling Strings, Disguises (WAVPack)

Composer: Jon Lord
Performer: Nelson Goerner
Orchestra: Odense Symfoniorkester
Conductor: Paul Mann
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: WAVPack (image+cue)
Label: EMI Classics
Size: 278 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: no

Boom Of The Tingling Strings
1 I. Adagio assai
2 II. L’istesso tempo
3 III. Adagio
4 IV. Allegro giusto
5 I. M.A.s.q.u.e. Poco adagio – Allegro moderato e poco pesante
6 II. Music for Miriam. Adagio
7 III. Il Buffone (G.C.). Allegro vivace

modern classical music

As a fan of both Deep Purple and classical music, I’ve collected a number of Jon Lord’s classical-oriented works. At the top of the heap I’d put the “Concerto For Group & Orchestra” and “Sarabande”, which I find to be great pieces of music combining classical and rock (and some jazz) with strong musical themes, whereas some of his other works don’t quite succeed as well for me – “Windows” just seems weird, “Gemini Suite” although pretty good seems a little aimless at times, and “Pictured Within” I found a little too mellow and melancholy.
This work I’d rate about even with Gemini Suite – pretty good, but not totally fantastic. Whereas on the Gemini Suite, I got the impression it was a little rushed in composition, this album seems more to just have the somewhat shapeless/slow-developing musicality of some modern classical music (which is pretty much what it is – not really any rock crossover here, although there’s a touch of jazz). It’s pretty slow building, and quite engrossing if you’re in a patient mood to sit back and take it in, but doesn’t have as much of the strong and accessible themes of the aforementioned “Concerto For Group & Orchestra” or “Sarabande”.
So, not a bad piece of music, but will appeal more to modern classical music fans (or the prog-rock fans seeking interesting and thoughtful music) than those seeking something like Deep Purple.


  1. The world should stop to turn, for some seconds….

    R.I.P. great Jon ! :(

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