Offenbach/Dorati: Suites from Bluebeard and Helen of Troy (APE)
Offenbach/Dorati: Suites from Bluebeard and Helen of Troy (APE)

Orchestra: Ballet Theater Orchestra
Conductor: Joseph Levine
Composer: Jacques Offenbach
Arrangement: Antal Dorati
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Capitol
Size: 211 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Prologue – King Bobiche
02. Prologue 2 – Bluebeard Enters
03. The Queen and Her Courtiers
04. The King Engages Oscar
05. Hermilia and Prince Sapphire
06. Bluebeard in the Village
07. Bluebeard and Boulette
08. Oscar and the Suitors
09. Oscar and Hermilia Depart
10. The Carriages Meet
11. Bluebeard and Hermilia
12. The Alchemist in the Crypt
13. The Alchemist Takes Pity
14. Hermilia is Welcomed Home
15. The Duel – Bluebeard & Sapphire
16. Thrashing of Bluebeard
17. Wives and Lovers
18. Waltz Reprise
19. Final Celebration
20. Prologue on Mount Ida
21. Aphrodite Wins the Golden Apple
22. The King and his Court
23. The King is Deceived
24. Helen Gives Paris the Key
25. Helen and Paris Make Love
26. King Menelaus Returns
27. Helen and Paris Flee
28. The Port of Sparta
29. Helen and Paris Set Sail

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