The Vivaldi Edition: Opere teatrali

The Vivaldi Edition: Opere teatrali
The Vivaldi Edition: Opere teatrali

Vol 01 (OP30316) 3 CD. L’Olimpiade, RV 725

Vol 02 (OP30365) 2 CD. La verità in cimento, RV 739

Vol 03 (OP30392) 3 CD. Orlando finto pazzo, RV 727

Vol 04 (OP30393) 3 CD. Orlando furioso, RV 728

Vol 05 (OP30411) 1 CD. Arie d’opera

Vol 06 (OP30413) 3 CD. Tito Manlio, RV 738

Vol 07 (OP30415) 1 CD. Arie per basso

Vol 08 (OP30419) 3 CD. Griselda, RV 718

Vol 09 (OP30438) 3 CD. Atenaide, RV 702

Vol 10 (OP30443) 1 CD. Arie ritrovate

Vol 11 (OP30410) 3 CD. La Fida Ninfa, RV 714

Vol 12 (OP30471) 3 CD. Il Farnace, RV 711

Vol 13 (OP30492) 3 CD. Armida al campo d’Egitto, RV 699

Vol 14 (OP30493) 2 CD. Ottone in Villa, RV 729

Vol 15 (OP30504) 1 CD. Arie per tenore

Vol 16 (OP30513) 3 CD. Teuzzone, RV 736

Vol 17 (OP30540) 2 CD. Orlando furioso 1714, RV 819

Vol 18 (OP30545) 3 CD. Catone in Utica 1738, RV 705

The release of more than one hundred recordings, which began in the year 2000, will continue until 2015.

13 thoughts on “The Vivaldi Edition: Opere teatrali”

  1. The girl in No. 6 is a bit masculine, and her hairy chest is slightly offputting. Tito “Manlio” indeed, but she still beats the red-headed girl on the left in No. 1. Her neck is too improbably thin to be human, so that points to her being either a terminator or [likely hostile] alien species. Her cold stare doesn’t help either, and it hints at a favorite hobby of rending flesh from bone.

    Nos. 9 through 13 are all top notch though and convincingly human females to boot (notwithstanding No. 12’s apparent Rapunzel/Bayonetta problem).

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