Verdi Edition. The Complete Operas (74 CD box set, APE)
Verdi Edition. The Complete Operas (74 CD box set, APE)

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 74 CD box set
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Decca
Size: 17.4 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: no

01. Oberto – CD1
02. Oberto – CD2
03. Un Giorno di Regno – CD1
04. Un Giorno di Regno – CD2
05. Nabucco – CD1
06. Nabucco – CD2
07. I Lombardi – CD1
08. I Lombardi – CD2
09. Ernani – CD1
10. Ernani – CD2
11. I Due Foscari – CD1
12. I Due Foscari – CD2
13. Giovanna D’Arco – CD1
14. Giovanna D’Arco – CD2
15. Alzira – CD1
16. Alzira – CD2
17. Attila – CD1
18. Attila – CD2
19. Macbeth – CD1
20. Macbeth – CD2
21. I Masnadieri – CD1
22. I Masnadieri – CD2
23. Jerusalem – CD1
24. Jerusalem – CD2
25. Jerusalem – CD3
26. Il Corsaro – CD1
27. Il Corsaro – CD2
28. La Battaglia di Legnano – CD1
29. La Battaglia di Legnano – CD2
30. Luisa Miller – CD1
31. Luisa Miller – CD2
32. Stiffelio – CD1
33. Stiffelio – CD2
34. Rigoletto – CD1
35. Rigoletto – CD2
36. Il Trovatore – CD1
37. Il Trovatore – CD2
38. La Traviata – CD1
39. La Traviata – CD2
40. I Vespri Siciliani – CD1
41. I Vespri Siciliani – CD2
42. I Vespri Siciliani – CD3
43. Simon Boccanegra – CD1
44. Simon Boccanegra – CD2
45. Aroldo – CD1
46. Aroldo – CD2
47. Un Ballo In Maschera – CD1
48. Un Ballo In Maschera – CD2
49. La Forza Del Destino – CD1
50. La Forza del Destino – CD2
51. La Forza del Destino – CD3
52. Don Carlo – CD1
53. Don Carlo – CD2
54. Don Carlo – CD3
55. La Forza Del Destino – CD1
56. La Forza Del Destino – CD2
57. La Forza Del Destino – CD3
58. Aida – CD1
59. Aida – CD2
60. Requiem – CD1
61. Requiem – CD2
62. Don Carlos – CD1
63. Don Carlos – CD2
64. Don Carlos – CD3
65. Don Carlos – CD4
66. Otello – CD1
67. Otello – CD2
68. Falstaff – CD1
69. Falstaff – CD2
70. Opere Sacre (Messa Solenne)
71. Canzoni
72. Quattro Pezzi Sacri, Inno delle Nazioni, Musiche di Scena
73. Quartetto d’Archi, Luisa Miller
74. Rarita e Inediti

Wonderful collection but…

The main reason of my review is to let others know, who might be interested in acquiring this collection, that there is nothing wrong with its sound quality.
I got it from and carefully took a look to the first three CDs, due to a previously reviewer claimed some sound issues with them.
What I think it might have happened was that the sounds problems described, could have been produced because of some dust that was on the cds, and
that is the reason why I gave only 4 starts. Since it is not possible that a sealed box that is coming directly from the factory, comes with cds that have heavy dust that potentially could
scratch the cds. So the control quality that was done over the production process, considering the price of the item, is far away of being ideal (maybe that is the reason why they stopped temporally the commercialization).
However, leaving a side that problem, it is a wonderful edition that any opera’s lover must have in his/her collection.


if you love the operas of the greatest opera composer of all-time Giuseppe Verdi then this is a once in a lifetime collection. Mr. Michael Begley has already very eloquently let us know the contents & players involved in this expansive set so i will not bore you with details. my main reason for making a review about this set is the problems with the manufacturing of it. first-off when i recieved my edition i to noticed a great deal of cardboard dust in the box and in the cardboard sleeve’s that house the disc’s and of corse cardboard dust on the c.d’s themselves. i had to take each individual sleeve/disc and blow and dust each one of them. then blow and dust the book and box (top & bottom). after doing this i played discs 1,2&3 one reviewer was having problems with and found mine to play just fine. i have since listened and played all 74 discs and not one skip or error occurred. it is unfortunate that decca would allow such a sloppy production of this set (the cardboard dust) out to market but rest assured that with a little clean-up work this set is well worth the investment. buy this set if it is still on the market you will not be disappointed.


  1. Thank you very much whatever, I was searching for this collection from a long time.

  2. I didn’t even know this existed! Thank you SO much! I love Verdi!

  3. Thank you.

    I am a bit confused.
    According to Decca,
    the order is the following from disks 49 and up.

    49-51 Forza del Destino with Gergiev
    52-54 Forza del Destino with Sinopoli
    55-58 Don Carlos with Abbado
    59-61 Don Carlo with Solti
    62-63 Aida with Karajan
    64-65 Otello with Chung
    66-67 Falstaff with Giulini
    68-69 Requiem

    1. your link points to a 75 box Complete Works as opposed to the 74 Complete Operas (older) uploaded here. Look at the cue files of the last CDs. They are totally different in content
      here’s an info file for this upload
      CD 01-02 Oberto (Ramey/Guleghina/Urmana/Marriner)
      CD 03-04 Un Giorno di Regno (Norman/Cossotto/Carreras/Gardelli)
      CD 05-06 Nabucco (Gobbi/Suliotis/Gardelli)
      CD 07-08 I Lombardi (Domingo/Deutekom/Raimondi/Gardelli)
      CD 09-10 Ernani (Pavarotti/Sutherland/Nucci/Bonynge)
      CD 11-11 I Due Foscari (Carreras/Ricciarelli/Ramey/Gardelli)
      CD 13-14 Giovanna d’Arco (Bergonzi/Tebaldi/Panerai/Simonetto)
      CD 15-16 Alzira (Vargas/Mescheriakova/Luisi)
      CD 17-18 Attila (Raimondi/Milnes/Bergonzi/Deutekom/Gardelli)
      CD 19-20 Macbeth (Nucci/Verrett/Ramey/Chailly)
      CD 21-22 I Masnadieri (Sutherland/Bonisolli/Ramey/Bonynge)
      CD 23-25 Jerusalem (Mescheriakova/Giordani/Luisi)
      CD 26-27 Il Corsaro (Caballe`/Norman/Carreras/Gardelli)
      CD 28-29 La Battaglia di Legnano (Ricciarelli/Carreras/Gardelli)
      CD 30-31 Luisa Miller (Domingo/Ricciarelli/Bruson/Maazel)
      CD 32-33 Stiffelio (Carreras/Sass/Manuguerra/Gardelli)
      CD 34-35 Rigoletto (Pavarotti/Nucci/Anderson/Nucci/Chailly)
      CD 36-37 Il Trovatore (Pavarotti/Banaudi/Verrett/Nucci/Mehta)
      CD 38-39 La Traviata (Sutherland/Bergonozi/Merrill/Pritchard)
      CD 40-42 I Vespri Siciliani (Domingo/Arroyo/Milnes/Raimondi/Levine)
      CD 43-44 Simon Boccanegra (Nucci/Te Kanawa/Aragall/Solti)
      CD 45-46 Aroldo (Shicoff/Vaness/Scandiuzzi/Luisi)
      CD 47-48 Un Ballo In Maschera (Pavarotti/Milnes/Tebaldi/Bartoletti)
      CD 49-51 La Forza del Destino (Gorchakova/Borodina/Gergiev)
      CD 52-54 Don Carlo (1867) (Bergonzi/Tebaldi/Ghiaurov/Solti)
      CD 55-57 La Forza del Destino (1869) (Carreras/Bruson/Baltsa/Sinopoli)
      CD 58-59 Aida (Tebaldi/Bergozi/Simionato/Karajan)
      CD 60-61 Requiem (Sutherland/Horne/Pavarotti/Talvela/Solti)
      CD 62-65 Don Carlos (1886) (Domingo/Ricciarelli/Nucci/Raimondi/Abbado)
      CD 66-67 Otello (Del Monaco/Tebaldi/Protti/Erede)
      CD 68-69 Falstaff (Evans/Freni/Simionato/Kraus/Solti)
      CD 70 Opere Sacre (Messa Solenne) (Chailly)
      CD 71 Canzoni (M. Price)
      CD 72 Quattro Pezzi Sacri, Inno delle Nazioni, Musiche di Scena (Pavarotti/Solti/Chailly)
      CD 73 Quartetto d’Archi, Luisa Miller (Quartetto Hagen)
      CD 74 Rarita e Inediti [Verdi Discoveries] (Chailly)

  4. I do not “love” Verdi (but Don Carlos), but I am very thankful for this great collection, thank you very much for your work!

  5. Whatever,
    I am grateful on several accounts: I already have most of these, but not all; Now I have all; They are in APE, not mp3;
    and I love your gargantuan work to prepare all this as well as all the others you do.

    Immensely grateful!

  6. Verdi is the best Opera composer of all time in my personal opinion. Some of these records may not be the best but they’re certainly really beautiful. A great collection posted by a great friend of music lovers!

  7. Stupendous, Mighty Box.set, Magnanimous, Ultima Satisfactory.

    Overwhelmed and grateful to Whatever, which means to the MAX. You and your guys produce magnificently.
    Full, richer than I deserve in thgis Art,


  8. I love Wagner, but like to get to know more of Verdi. Thank you Whatever!

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