Buxtehude - Sonates en trio - Manuscrits d'Uppsala (24/96 FLAC)
Buxtehude – Sonates en trio – Manuscrits d’Uppsala (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Dietrich Buxtehude
Performer: La Rêveuse
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Sonata a-Moll – BuxWV 272 pour violon,viole de gambe et basse continue
Manuscrit Uppsala S-Uu instr.mus.i.hs.13:26
01. Allegro
02. Adagio
03. Passacaglia

Dietrich Becker (1623-1679): Sonata & Suite D-Dur pour violon, viole de gambe et basse continue
Erster Theil zweystimmiger Sonaten und Suiten
Hamburg 1674
04. Adagio
05. Lento [Ciacona]
06. Adagio piano
07. Solo-Andante
08. [Allegro]-Adagio
09. Allmandt
10. Courant
11. Sarabande
12. Gigue

Anonyme: Violadagamba Solo d-Moll pour viole de gambe et basse continue Lübeck, 2éme moitié
du XVIIe siécle – Manuscrit Oxford, Bodleian
Library, MS.Mus. Sch.D.249
13. Sonata
14. Passacaglia-Adagio

Sonata III op. 2 g-Moll – BuxWV 261 pour violon, viole de gambe et basse continue
Suonate a due, Violino et Violadagamba con Cembalo,Opera Secunda, Hamburg 1696
15. Vivace-Lento
16. Allegro-Lento
17. Andante [Passacaglia]
18. Grave
19. Gigue

Sonata D-Dur – BuxWV 267 pour viole de gambe, violone et basse continue
Manuscrit Uppsala S-Uu instr.mus.i.hs.13:24
20. Adagio
21. Allegro
22. Adagio
23. Solo-Allegro-Allegro-Presto
24. Poco presto

Sonata & Suite B-Dur – BuxWV 273 pour violon, viole de gambe et basse continue
Manuscrit Uppsala S-Uu instr.mus.i.hs.13:25
25. [Allegro]
26. Adagio-Allegro-Poco adagio-Allegro
27. Allemand
28. Courant
29. Saraband
30. Gigue

La Rêveuse:
Stéphan Dudermel – violon
Florence Bolton – viole de gambe
Benjamin Perrot – théorbe
Emily Audouin – viole de gambe (20-24)
Carsten Lohff – clavecin
Sébastien Wonner – orgue

Dietrich Buxtehude was a key figure of the north German instrumental repertory for violin and viol. It was he who firmly established the prestige of the German trio sonata by introducing into it the stylus phantasticus, that highly contrasted and dramatic instrumental language in which imagination and virtuosity reign supreme.

La Rêveuse, Sébastien Wonner and Emily Audouin, Benjamin Perrot and Florence Bolton, Benjamin Perrot (soloist), Florence Bolton (soloist), Sébastien Wonner (soloist), Florence Bolton and Benjamin Perrot, Benjamin Perrot and Sébastien Wonner, Sébastien Wonner and Benjamin Perrot, Sébastien Wonner and Florence Bolton, Florence Bolton and Sébastien Wonner, Emily Audouin and Florence Bolton, Emily Audouin (soloist), Emily Audouin and Benjamin Perrot

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