Furtwangler: Beethoven – Symphony no.9 "Choral" (FLAC)

Performer: Tila Briem, Elisabeth Hongen, Peter Anders, Rudolf Watzke, Chorus Bruno Kittel
Orchestra: Berliner Philharmoniker
Conductor: Wilhelm Furtwängler
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Melodiya
Size: 334 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: no

01. Allegro Ma Non Troppo Un Poco Maestoso (Symphony No.9 In D Minor “Choral”, Op. 125)
02. Molto Vivace (Symphony No.9 In D Minor “Choral”, Op. 125)
03. Adagio Molto E Cantabile (Symphony No.9 In D Minor “Choral”, Op. 125)
04. Presto. Allegro Assai Tilla Briem, Soprano (Symphony No.9 In D Minor “Choral”, Op. 125)

Live recording from radio, Berlin, 22/03/1942


  1. I am sorry, but my comment to previous post (Furtwaengler – Archipel) was an error. I didn’t know that there is another recording of the Beethoven’s Ninth with Furtwaengler and Berlin PhO from 1942.

    My comment: “This is the most powerful recording of the Beethoven’s Ninth that I have ever heard” – refers to THIS recording, released by Melodiya.

    It would be very interesting to compare these two recordings that were so close in time…

    Thank you very much! Sorry for incorrect comment to previous post.

  2. This is the one that critics rave about – “is almost too draining an experience” (John Ardoin – The Furtwängler Record).
    Endless thanks!

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