Kremer, Kremerata Baltica: The Russian Seasons (APE)
Kremer, Kremerata Baltica: The Russian Seasons (APE)

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Label: Nonesuch
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The Russian Seasons (2000)
Leonid Desyatnikov (b. 1955)

For violin solo, soprano solo and string orchestra
Dedicated to Alicia Urwiller

1. “Christovskaya” (Dominical)
2. “Kachulnaya” (Lullaby)
3. “Jagoryevskaya” (Song for St. George’s Day)
4. “Platsch s kukoschkoy” (Lament with Cuckoo)
5. “Dukhovskaya” (Song for Whitsuntide)
6. “Topolnaya” (Fertilizing Song)
7. “Postovaya” (Song for Ember Days)
8. “Vosennaya” (Autumn Song)
9. “Svadebskaya” (Nuptial Song)
10. “Sviatoshnaya” (Song for Christmastide)
11. “Maslennaya” (Song for Shrovetide)
12. “Posledniaya” (Closing Song)
Julia Korpacheva, soprano

“The Seasons” Digest (2001)
Alexander Raskatov (b. 1953)

After “The Seasons” by Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
For solo violin, strings, percussion and prepared piano

13. January – At the Fireplace
14. February – Carnival
15. March – Song of the Lark
16. April – Snowdrop
17. May – Starlight Nights
18. June – Barcarole
19. July – Song of the Reaper
20. August – The Harvest
21. September – The Hunt
22. October – Autumn Song
23. November – Troika Ride
24. December – Christmas

Reinut Tepp, piano
Andrey Pushkarev, percussion
Gidon Kremer, violin
Kremerata Baltica

This recording makes 12 seasons of Kremer’s brilliant violin playing

Gidon Kremer and his Kremerata Baltica is the common thread. Their recording of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and of Piazzolla’s Four Seasons in Buenos Aires is entitled “Eight Seasons”. Their Russian Seasons recording was just right to complement a lecture about spring described by music. The range of expression by the Russian repertoire exactly contrasts the well-know sounds of the Vivaldi seasons and the perhaps lesser-known work of Piazzolla that incorporates a new tango. For me, The Russian Seasons is a classic, especially in perspective of contrasts with other ethnomusicological output.

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